Tree Cutting 101

What to do for Your Garden and Yard in the Fall

Many people see Fall is the best time of the year. The smell of the crisp autumn air enjoyed while bundled up in a cozy knit sweater is unmatched. And, of course, the colors of the tree leaves can be amazing. The trees drop their leaves in preparation for winter to help them conserve energy and water. When the trees began to prepare themselves for winter, it is time to prepare your landscaping and garden for winter as well.

Garden and Yard Winterization

It is well worth your time to winterize your garden. By preparing your garden now, you will be able to spend less time working it ready in the spring. October and November are typically the best times to prepare your garden for winter. Below are some ways to help you get your garden and yard ready for the winter:

  1. Add some new plants: fall is the best time to plant shrubs, trees, and perennials. Plant a few new plants in your garden before putting it to bed.
  2. Tidy your yard: mow the lawn and rake your leaves one last time.
  3. Check out your trees: look around on your tree for any dead or dying branches for the winter storms hit. If anything looks potentially harmful, take action now.
  4. Add water and fertilizer: after all the leaves have fallen from the trees, water your trees and plants. This is also a great time to add fertilizer. This is, in fact, the best time of year to add fertilizer to your lawn.
  5. Add mulch: insulate your plants with a couple inches of organic mulch. If you want to the color of the mulch to be retained longer, add the mulch after the ground freezes.

Taking the few simple steps above can help you get your yard and garden prepared for the following year. You can also help you protect your plants from a rough winter. By the way, if you need movers near Athens, call our friends and sponsors at Gameday Moving Services!